Issendai (issendai) wrote,

RIP Miss Ella

Last night, Ella was hit by a car and killed.

Rest in peace, Miss Ella. You were the finest of small, squirrelly cats.

ETA: Ella's owner says:

Ella 2009-2014.

We're pretty sure she got hit by a car. Se didn't come home last night and Dad found her in a neighbor's yard when we was walking back from the bank. This was the first time she didn't come back for dinner since I gave in and started letting her out rather than her getting out. I know I should feel bad for letting her go outside because that's why she got hit but I can't. She always had a part of her that was wild and being outside made her visibly more alive. I can't feel bad for letting her have that. We put her under the trumpet vine with the other kitties. She and Munchkin can argue about who owns the yard.
Tags: cats, ella, miss ella

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