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Unexpected pleasures

Thor fanfiction has been tough for me to get into, not least because the fandom's favorite pairing is Thor/Loki. Guh, squick. It's not the brothercest that gets me, it's Thor. I don't even like thinking about Thor/Jane, and that pairing's canon.

So which pairing grabs me?


Sigyn (binding is not punishment)
by Aria

The first time Darcy meets him, it is in a dying autumn after the strangest summer of Darcy's short life. She's thinking of changing majors again. It was computer science, and then political science, and now it's maybe comparative religions, which doesn't have 'science' in it at all, except Darcy knows it does. She's witnessed an extradimensional godlike being eat a box of Pop Tarts.

Darcy doesn't dwell on it. She knows how amazing it is, but photosynthesis is amazing too, and those Sassy Gay Friend videos are amazing, and her cousin Derek on Red Bull is amazing. Darcy has met a Norse god; now she has to file a change of major form and buy some new rain boots.

This story. First it's charming, then it breaks your heart, then part 2 finds newer and sadder ways to break your heart. After finishing it I found a serious flaw in its logic and was glad, because the flaw meant I didn't have to believe one of the best and most bittersweet things I've read in a long time. It didn't help much. Go, read, be sad and charmed alongside me.
Tags: fanfic, thor

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