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Lord love a duck.

My web company forwarded me this complaint from Jaq D. Hawkins, author of Dance of the Goblins (links are mine):
This website has a 5 page slander article that is not linked to by the main site which has been set up to maximise SEO for the sole purpose of causing loss of royalties to the author. There is extreme copyright violation in the extensive outline of the plot of the book that is slandered with mis-representation and derogatory comments included.

The relevant links are:

Please have this content removed within 28 days to avoid legal action.
Furthermore, I request the identity information of the site owner for purposes of potential prosecution.

Please note that I am deaf and have been forced to put an invalid phone number into your non-PC form to acess this complaint procedure.

...Well, I'm sorry to hear she's gone deaf since her appearance on Dragon's Den. That really sucks. Hopefully someone close to her will let her know that deaf people around the world use phones nowadays.

I also wish someone would tell her that no matter what, someone will hate your book; and if she's concerned that a bad review on someone else's site outranks her own book's site, asking for a site review and improving her own site should fix that problem.
Tags: book reviews gone bad, dance of the goblins, stupid lawyer tricks
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