Issendai (issendai) wrote,

Let us sing of the glories of the desk shelves

I spent yesterday morning putting up two out of four desk shelves, and yesterday afternoon filling them. Before you snort at the COLOSSAL EFFORT of mounting FOUR SHELF BRACKETS OH NOES, please consider that the wall was designed by FREAKING ESCHER. The bottom two brackets are where you'd expect them to be, at roughly 15-inch intervals. (Most studs these days are 16" apart, but oh well.) The top two brackets? Well, the left one whined and wiggled and pulled out when I installed it above the lower bracket, but it was just fine with being reinstalled three inches to the left. The right bracket ran into a two-foot-wide space where there were no studs at all, so it's over a foot to the right and only a few inches from the end of the shelf. The stud finder? Was a decorative piece of yellow plastic. Was finding studs in the next wall over. Was finding studs ON OTHER PLANETS. I had to make rows of holes in the plaster with a nail, doin' it old-school, to find the studs or exceptionally sturdy bits of plaster or bodies hidden in the walls or whatever my shelves are mounted on.

And then I started opening boxes and couldn't remember what went on my shelves.

The mail organizer, obviously. And the DVD case of backups. And the mail sorter. And the blank books. And, uhhh...

Three months ago, these things were filled three shelves high. Now I have one shelf's worth of stuff spread over two shelves. And I'm short just one thing I need to make my desk experience complete.

This decluttering thing does work.
Tags: cleaning, cluttering, escher was an architect, not that kind of stud you moron, where in hell are the studs
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