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  • Arisia! Great fun, once the car explodage was managed. This year's unofficial theme was: Goggles Make It Steampunk; and, Everyone Must Wear Goggles; and, People On Mechanical Legs, Possibly With a Steampunk Flavor. Also: Steampunk. Fantastic belly dancing (yes, steampunk), shopping (not enough steampunk), men in kilts (occasionally steampunk), mighty attractive people on all sides. And tea, with selkiechick showing me how cucumber sandwiches ought to be done.
  • Birka! Like Arisia's Dealer's Room quintupled, with belly dancing and drums in the corner and with everyone in costume. Tons more Middle Eastern costuming than I expected; also tons more Middle Eastern shopping than I expected. Came home with two bars of soap, one chocolate; a jar of poudre forte; and a passion for Middle Eastern costuming.
  • Viking women's clothes--the outfit Rennie Frog lent me (after spending enormous amounts of time pulling it together in time for Birka)--are incredibly comfortable. Nothing tight or even especially fitted, modest amounts of obligatory bling, mismatched colors encouraged. The corset-and-bodice crowd must have had a hell of a lobbyist to get fashion changed. The downside is that it lacks the bosomy appeal of later styles; but that's a small price to pay to be able to dress yourself, breathe freely, and pee unaided.
  • Minion tells me the costumes I really want to do are at least a century outside period. ARGH. Oh, hell with it, I really want them for cons and ren faires anyway.
  • After Birka, rennie_frog took me to a fabulous, splendid, magnificent hole-in-the-wall fabric store that sells silk and linen for less than muslin usually goes for. I came home with sage-green linen for pants, fine brown cotton for mocking up a robe, and plans to make all of my clothes ever for the rest of time out of nothing but solid silk.

    Seriously. Embroidered and appliqued silk for $6.99 a yard. Quilting cotton costs more in some places.
  • I am the 11th Librarian.
  • If you want to get 153 of anything from Ikea, call ahead first.
  • The bleach pen bleached my black T-shirt orange. WTF, people. Am going to have to hit the shirt with another application of bleach--cannot manifest 11th Librarianship in a T-shirt that says OOOK in Halloween colors.
  • The new, improved Massachusetts unemployment system direct-deposits your previous week's check the day after you report in. I approve. Balanced against this is the way the checks are coming up light, AND because of my social security number I cannot call someone to get it fixed until Tuesday. But hey, the wrong amount is still hitting my account at almost the speed of light.
  • I love online bill-paying. Love, love, love it. Why did it take me so long to get it set up? Now, a bill arrives, I log on and tell the system to pay it on whatever day I please, and then I walk away, and magically the bill gets paid. It's infinitely better than remembering that this bill goes out right away, but that envelope stays until the 11th, and the other one has to go out by the 27th but after the other bill clears. Technology: Actually making lives better from time to time.
  • Monster hats are stalled for a want of fabric glue. Now have three different blind monsters prepared to eat my head.
  • Coming up: Snowpocalypse #43, snowmobiling, this Mongol coat, lesbian shelf inferno, pants-hemming, and Facing Down the Gym Staff: Give Me My Membership, Bitch.
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