September 5th, 2012

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An Update on Ella

Anne says:

So we're at six weeks since Ella dragged herself into my room with her broken pelvis. I've started letting her out into the house with the cat door blocked. She definitely likes not being stuck in my room and is starting to sort things out with the new housemate's kitty. She jumps up on my bed easily enough and I found her on the upper bunk of the kid's room. She does still limp and probably always will. She thinks she's fine. I want her inside the full 8 weeks before I allow access to the outside. Unfortunately I cannot make her an indoor cat unless I shut her in my room. She does prefer being indoors which helps, and the new kitty is teaching her that she is not quite the bruiser that she was. Ella's also been tolerating her sister Penny better - Penny is the kitty on the left. Judging by the way Ella moves I suspect that the vet was correct and part of her bones have disintegrated - I can see her muscles holding her leg in place as she walks/runs. For all that has happened to her Ella is still a happy kitty that loves to play and cuddle (she's curled up on my chest right now purring) and still thinks she's queen of the world. For that I am thankful.