December 29th, 2005

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Clearing out the house

My house is utterly stuffed with stuff--and not stuff I want, like CDs and books. It's stuffed with old credit card receipts and crumpled napkins in plastic bags and empty boxes. I know, conceptually, that there's worthwhile stuff in among the clutter, but it's not visible now. The entire apartment is blanketed to a height of three feet with garbage and things I don't want.

Underneath the layer of garbage is stuff I'm keeping for other people. There's a stack of boxes filled with stuff I was collecting for various people (from quite a while back--from TMW days, in fact) and another row of boxes filled with stuff I'm currently collecting for Dia de los Reyes presents. There's a bowl of buttons and a stack of borrowed books and a DVD case of somebody else's anime. There's a pile of stuff I'm gathering to go to the thrift store. There are five bags of books to go to the used book store, and one to go to Goodwill, and one I got at a library sale that I haven't had time to break into. There's a bag of stuff to return to the store and a bag of stuff that should have been returned to the store but the receipt's expired and a bag of stuff that may well expire before I find out which store it came from. There are library books I've had out for two years. There's a drill set and a stud finder that belong to somebody else and a box of tools that belong to me but are lent out to somebody else, but which are testified to by the half-finished projects that litter the house.

Sometimes I think it's not that I have too much stuff, but that my house's metabolism is fouled up.


Over the last year or so, I've promised things to a number of you--buttons, most recently, and someone offered to take my red flannel body pillow, and someone else is taking my pebble-topped table and spare monitor. Several people are supposed to get copies of Photoshop 5.5 and Dreamweaver 4. Trouble is, I don't remember who most of you are! So if I promised you anything and you haven't gotten it, comment to this entry with what I promised you, and I'll get in touch with you about getting it to you.

If I have something of yours that you want back, comment and I'll get in touch with you about dropping it off.

If I have something that you want, comment and we'll talk. I have random small furniture, kitchen goods, electronics, books, tapes, and decorative items that need homes. If you don't know what I've got, just ask for what you need. And maybe, between the lot of us, I'll be able to dig down to see the good stuff that's at the bottom of all the stacks.