December 19th, 2005

satyr, drool you bastards, bosom

Good things that happened recently

1. For a couple of years now, I've been saying that the digital camera my dad sent me was "in a box." After the first few months, this became a euphemism for "lost forever." This Saturday, while rooting around for a box to put Netfriend gifts in, I found the perfect box... and the digital camera was in it! I powered it up with some AAA batteries, and it's acting all cameralike about itself. I'll know whether it really works later tonight, when I try to transfer the pictures onto the hard drive.

Note to self: Do not take any potentially embarrassing pictures until you know you can retrieve them yourself.

2. stormsdotter gave me her old laptop! *squeaks* It's light and simple and about 11 years old, so it's perfect for my writing notebook. As soon as Stormsdotter gives me the password, I can write Inuyasha/Ed Elric fanfics anywhere I like.

Also, the triple birthday party at Stormsdotter's new place was great fun, the birthday cake was as black as Snape's soul and twice as tasty, and there were plenty of new people to chat with and flirt with. Would have preferred that the most promising one didn't turn out to be 19. Apart from unplanned detour into ephebephilia, excellent party.

3. The little Haitian/American/Spanish/African grocery on the corner was open this morning while I was waiting for the bus, so I stopped in and got a "chicken pate" and a larger-than-fist-sized wodge of... something sweet. The chicken pate was, as advertised, finely ground chicken highly spiced and baked in extravagantly flaky pastry, and the wodge turned out to be thick curls of coconut clumped together with crystallized sugar syrup. It was the spiciest and most delicious breakfast I've had in a long time. I'll have to be late for the bus again.

And there are two more kinds of intriguing wodges to try out, too.