November 18th, 2005

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I spent much of last evening making pie--pumpkin pot pie, to be precise, with a pear-and-apple pie thrown in because I had the time.

Man, that's a lotta work. The pumpkin pot pie involved over an hour of labor on top of the baking time, even with canned vegetables and storebought crust. The end result was more than worth it, though. It's no mere vegetable pastry. It is a PIE MOUNTAIN. Do you feel the succulent vastness of the caps? PIE MOUNTAIN! Peas, corn, carrots, potatoes, piles and piles of pumpkin, and mushroom gravy, all towering high over the other viands like a fortress dedicated to the preservation of pumpkiny goodness. RAR! COWER IN TERROR BEFORE THE LORDS AND LADIES OF PIE!

And then grab a fork and take a huge bite, because damn, it's good.

Admittedly, it's underseasoned. I cut back on the salt because I thought the extra salt in the boullion would be enough, and omitted the celery salt altogether because WTF? Celery what? I also had to replace the black pepper with a smidge of a peppery steak seasoning and a bit of white pepper, and use ginger juice instead of powdered ginger. Next time, more salt and spices and more gravy.

The pear-and-apple pie came out well, too. It was supposed to be just a pear pie, but the pears were so overripe that they turned themselves into soup as I chopped them, and they didn't quite fill the crust. I grabbed some spare baking apples and extemporized with random sweet spices. (Nutmeg and cinnamon, right? Apple pie is New Englandy. That means nutmeg and cinnamon.) The rather dry apples soaked up the pear juice nicely, and the entire thing turned out nice and juicy.

Mmm, pie.