November 14th, 2005

satyr, drool you bastards, bosom


For the story I'm writing Real Soon Now No Really, there are three brothers, a hawk, a horse, and a wild boar. For the hawk, I can reread the first section of The Once and Future King. For the horse, I can crib shamelessly from old Yyz backchat logs. For the boar...? How in hell am I supposed to fake research for him? Read Charlotte's Web? Amazon is offering me an amazing selection of wild boar meat shipped fresh to my house, plus several children's books and a DVD named Bristling Boars Exciting Wild Boar and Hog Hunting.

I think it's about hunting boars. At least, I'm kind of sure. Reasonably sure. It could be a porno. One never knows. At least, not without watching it, and I'm afraid of hairy backs and calls of "Soo-eeee!"

But that is neither here nor there. Does anyone know of an extensive, non-dry resource on wild boars that comprehensively DOES NOT involve back hair?