October 31st, 2005

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The fresh, cheery spring green I was planning to paint the living room turned out to be, in fact, luminous radioactive alien green. Am less than perfectly charmed. Will perhaps go back to the pink, or perhaps pick a random blue, or maybe paint the entire apartment bloomsberry purple and appall the landlord.

ARRGH there are not enough colors in the rainbow.
satyr, drool you bastards, bosom

Things I've learned in the past few weeks

The whalebone used in corsets was about as springy as modern plastic(edit: plastic-coated metal) boning.

The 1700's and 1800's did have after-dinner mints! Each one was half as big as your fist. Bless the early Americans, they knew how to do mints right.

The hay baler was invented around 1939.

All genre fantasy is doomed to cliches. The trick is to use either cliches that are just coming in, or cliches that have been out of fashion for a few literary cycles.

The worse the writing, the more rabid the fans. True from the heights of literature to the depths of Fanfiction.net.

Every hardcore tourist area will eventually develop a red line running along the main tourist track. People assume that the red line is painted in deliberately and the hordes of tourists come later; this is not true.