October 25th, 2005

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Thoughts on autobiography

Am bored, tired, considering quitting job and begging for money on the internet. The time when one could pull an Emperor Norton on the city of Boston is past, but the internet is still free and wild.

Alternatively, might create an online personality with only minor deviations from my current self, and self-publish my autobiography. There could be lively interest in the life of a half-elven reincarnation of female!Jack Sparrow who's married to Alan Rickman on the spirit plane.

There could also be QUITE lively interest in the autobiography of a former Hogwarts student who's coming forth to reveal the seething pit of institutionalized abuse, neglect, and cultish indoctrination that is the REAL Hogwarts.

And there are already enough people running around screaming that D&D and fantasy novels turn children on to Satanism. It's so sad to watch them trying to support their argument with no testimony. As the illegitimate daughter of a teenaged boy who killed himself when his 18th-level cleric was squished between the thighs of Dagon and a teenaged girl who was drawn into his net of madness at a gaming con, I know the horrors of roleplaying games. I grew up hauled from womyn's festival to wombmin's festival, from rock concert to rock concert, from gay pride parade to gay pride parade. I have seen the necromantic rites that conclude Pennsic. I understand the secret messages hidden in Ren Faire-speak. I was a sacred prostitute for the Unitarian Church. To most people, the Dark School, the Hermetic school of magic hidden deep in the poisoned heart of England, is only a legend; I have been to its PTA meetings. The story must be told.

(...Perhaps in 50,000 words.)