October 24th, 2005

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A while ago, I posted a story summary that described a king and his "brother and consort." Much "I don't think that word means what the author thinks it means" ensued. Well, the author has updated her site, and it does mean what she thinks it means.

Vast seas of polymorphously perverse elves. Royal elves. Perversely royal elves.

I am appalled, yet charmed.


In other vaguely artistic news, anyone with a Gothy style who's interested in picking up some spare change might want to look into the American sparklypoo market. Based on what I saw in Salem this Sunday, there are only three or four artists of any note currently working the niche, and the only one who seems to be active is unprolific and about as talented as a mid-grade DeviantArt artist. The subject material is limited (fairies, goddesses, Goths, fairy goddess Goths, and dragons), but there's boundless interest in it if you know where to go.