October 17th, 2005

satyr, drool you bastards, bosom


Once upon a time, I thought that Byron was a wronged man who should not have been run out of England. A pompous prat, yes, but not a man deserving of persecution.

After a couple-few years spent in LJ communities, I'm starting to wonder whether the jerk was ever persecuted at all. I can imagine him having a fabulously depressed blog--crimson with a stringy-haired doujinshi character in the background, striking a tragic pose and bleeding--and belonging to about fifty communities; running from one to the other with cries of "those fools don't understand my art!" and "artists must be different from the mass of humanity!" and getting regularly smacked down by annoying comm members; embroiling the entire mass in drama; deleting and undeleting his LJ so often that a strike line blinks over his LJ name; making it onto F_W a couple of times a month; and finally being banned from about 25 communities at once after he throws a pan-Livejournal tantrum over his depiction in Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Cue the angsty poetry about Marty Stus who are too deep and delicate for this shallow, brutal world; bad reviews on Mediaminer; extended spelling critiques; cries of "Don't pick on my spelling! I have substance abuse problems that I'm trying to get over!"; long debates over whether he really has substance abuse problems, whether his girlfriends are genuine, whether he's making up the whole "I have a clubfoot (only not a real clubfoot, my nurse dropped me), wah, I am pitiful!" business, whether his whole LJ is fake; accusations that he plagiarized his poetry; his dramatic exit from LJ; his less-than-dramatic return two days later as "don_juan".

Not sure whether LJ has spoiled me, or given me worrisome insights into the human mind.

(Now I want to read Aleister Crowley's blog. THERE is some primo drama.)