October 3rd, 2005

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Holiday plot bunny

You know what the world needs?

...Yeah, neither do I.

But it would be cool to have a story about a kid whose mother dies, and rather than dropping the kid into foster care, the lawyers call up Dad to come take custody. Now, Dad fucked and ran lo these many years ago, and Mom was none too forthcoming about "The Bastard," so it comes as a double shock when Dad turns out to be... Santa Claus.

I'm not writing it. Here, you take it.

EDIT: There is already a book about Santa Claus's Mary-Sueish daughter. However, Santa Claus doesn't appear as a malign old philanderer intent on corrupting the world's children, so the plot bunny can live on.

There's also a comic about Santa Claus's dimwit sexpot teenybopper daughter, but we won't mention that one.