September 14th, 2005


(no subject)

Got more than six hours of sleep last night! Intriguing change from the two or three hours I've been getting. Colors have lost that sharp-edged feel, vapor trails have gone away, world no longer feels like a badly compressed jpeg. I noticed it the instant Victoria and May wafted into the room in chitons, bearing strigils. The colors of their rose crowns were all... fluffy.

We chatted a bit about it during my morning massage, and May warned me not to overdo this "sleeping" thing. Eventually it stops being sybaritic and starts being healthful and wholesome, and suddenly you wake up in a Carl Larsson watercolor, sleeping in a hole in the wall while small children whom their parents have lovingly set on fire approach you with trays of Swedish pastry.

Will be careful to get only three or four hours tonight. Swedish pastry involves lutefisk, doesn't it?