September 8th, 2005

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On Inuyasha fandom

When I was last involved in Inuyasha fandom, the manga was available only in raw Japanese and there was a fansite devoted to translating it as it came out. You didn't have to be hardcore to get into it--this is Rumiko Takahashi we're talking about, her stuff isn't published under a rock--but the fandom was middling small and college-aged.

Now it's huge. It's HUGE. It's sprawling, it's vast, it's capable of fusing into a megaton mutant beast and rolling across Tokyo, devastating entire neighborhoods with its squees.

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Perhaps somewhere there's a hidden bunker of old-style fans hunkered down, waiting for the show to go off the air and the fannyboppers to clear away. And maybe they have a secret archive of fics... fics in which Kagome doesn't agonize about using "Sit" on Inuyasha, fics in which Inuyasha is not the smooth, cool, dominant sex-god of the Warring States, fics in which no one wears maternity clothes. And maybe--just maybe--if I flash my "fandom geezer" credentials at them, they just might share.