September 6th, 2005

satyr, drool you bastards, bosom

Deep thoughts about the weekend

3-day weekends = good

Salem = very good

Reconstructed 18th-century Chinese houses = enlightening like whoa

Museum audio wands = as useful to the museum experience as a sharp stick up the ass, but far more distracting

Faerieayie mystyck crystyl pyrate shops = bad for the creative impulse

A murder of stuffed crows = strangely satisfying

Antique shopping = enlightening re: the number of comfy ancient sofas in the world

Feral cats = furry tummyrub sluts

InuYasha = good for the creative impulse

InuYasha also = enlightening re: the amount of dominatrix literature currently being marketed to 13-year-old girls

Blueberry pancake pie = tangy, moist, filling, and delicious

J-pop and 80's rock anthems = possibly a poor choice of winding-down-for-bed music