September 1st, 2005

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Why didn't they leave?

Why they didn't leave.

I lived in Baton Rouge for almost two years. Several times a year, we got a hurricane warning and portents of serious disaster. Within hours, every roll of toilet paper and every loaf of bread vanished from the supermarket shelves. Then we got... a little rain. Over and over again. When I heard that there was a hurricane heading for New Orleans and it was going to flatten the city, I thought, "There's not a roll of TP to be bought in the city right now," and went on with my day.

And so did they. Because that's what life in that part of the world is like.

And for those who understood how serious Katrina was going to be, why didn't they leave? cmpriest explained it damn well, but I'm going to rant a bit here. Louisiana is POOR. DIRT POOR. So poor that the primary form of housing even today is the shotgun house, a shack about the size of a mobile home. There are entire neighborhoods of these. In the boonies? No. On main streets in the heart of New Orleans. Before Katrina hit, you could drive through the streets of the biggest cities in Louisiana and see scenes that you were told happened only in Appalachia. And as far as I can tell, the evacuation plan for these neighborhoods full of country-poor people was, "Walk."

My friend Mara and I were driving along the coast of Louisiana when we saw a town named Bohemia on the map. We had to go take a look. Bohemia was at the end of a peninsula so narrow that you could see from the road that ran along the east coast to the road that ran along the west coast like you were looking down a city block. There was nothing in Bohemia but a handful of houses, a church, and a "youth center" in a converted house that looked closed. There were no stores, no gas station. There was nothing in the town next door, either. You had to go all the way to the neck of the peninsula to buy bread and toilet paper. What happened to them, I wonder? Were they supposed to walk, too?

Did they walk?
satyr, drool you bastards, bosom

Young and Broke, and a thank-you

Hey, guys. I need your help. I've got a new sitelet about ways to make money while you're in school, how to handle money (how to choose credit cards, to not get screwed over by student loans, etc.), and how to make your money stretch farther, including all the bad and stupid ideas people come up with as well as the good ideas. It's currently called Young and Broke, and it's in larval state.

I'm not happy with the name or with the number of ideas--there are too many bad ideas, and not enough good ones. Does anyone have suggestions?

Also, to those of you who gave suggestions for the dorm living page--thank you! Wow, school has changed since my day. (The only person who had a laptop when I was in college was a dyslexic who needed it to take notes.) I'll be working all of your ideas into the page. Thank you so much for your help.