August 4th, 2005

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Apartments in my area seem to have gone up by about $50 in the past year. It's looking more and more like moving right now would be stupid. I'm tempted to just:

Clean out all the garbage;

Move the furniture around;

Throw around some illicit paint and maybe some mad stencils;

Invest in better curtains and an actual rug and maybe even another comfy sofa, the better to create a Pod of Media-Enhanced Laziness;

Practice walking up the 45-degree hill behind the house;

Get used to the idea that actual friends live in the real, live, actual neighborhood, and learn to enjoy this whole bizarre "people you know living in proximity" phenomenon; and

Have an Eko Eko Abarak-watching night.

...And in the meantime, save up and work on the whole "permanent job" concept, the better to take another stab at moving in the spring.

Staying is the cheap and easy way out, and I'm considering it mainly because I do love me a chance to do a little quiet redecorating. It won't stop my whingeing in about three months. I feel like a quitter for considering it. But with the costs going up and up, and my patience shrinking, it's sounding like the right option.