June 28th, 2005

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On the Internet, no one can tell you're a heretic

People with Padawans of their own have contacted me to brush up on their own training under me.

Am charmed, yet worried. Am sporadically regarded as a potential spiritual leader for a religion I don't believe in. Suspect that telling would-be followers "Jediism is just kung-fu movie Taoism brushed up for a sci-fi setting, so study under a real Taoist master" would not foster goodwill.

Am also worried that there are people out there with their own Padawans. The potential scenarios keep turning vaguely BDSM in my mind, then strongly BDSM, then Gorean, and then I'm in a very visual place and am no longer interested in religiocultural musings.

And am vaguely interested in whether real Taoist masters still teach that if you master the Tao, you can fly through the air, part waters with your breath, shoot arrows into other arrows in midair, do your taxes in under an hour, and other fantastic exploits. Taoist high mucketymucks can fly! Take that, Mace Windu!

Cannot quite envision Gorean Taoist antics. The Tao that can be paraded about in shackles and oil is not the true Tao.