May 15th, 2005

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Prussian Blue, pop stars for a new generation

Cute 12-year-olds dress in Ren Faire outfits and sing songs about Valhalla. The fashion portion of their site is all about German traditional dress, and features the only lederhosen in the world with big red hearts on the cheeks.

It'd all be a lot more sweet and charming if they didn't also say things like, "It seems like smart white girls who have good eugenics are more interested in making money in a career or partying than getting married and having a family."

Their official site:

EDIT: There's a group of people Googling the net and swooping down on people with criticize Prussian Blue. If you're here, welcome! Come in, sit down, and debate. Any reasonably polite comments are fine so long as they do not mention the Holocaust. All Holocaust or Holocaust-related comments will be hidden. Why? Because that argument has been done to death on both sides. We might as well cut-n-paste the last flamewar about it and have done with the whole thing. Let's have a fresh and lively war of attrition.