May 2nd, 2005

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Arthurian geekhunt

I'm looking for a particular obscure Arthurian story, and was wondering if you Arthurian scholars could help me. It's part of the French Arthurian cycle. I haven't read so much as a summary in about ten years, so the details are sketchy and any of them could be wrong:

A sorceror fell in love with a woman, who was not only married, but faithful. To have her, he turned her husband into a horse, a hawk, and a hound on three successive nights. When he was found out, another sorceror turned him into a mare, a hawk, and a bitch for one year apiece. He had three sons from that time, all exquisite examples of their breed of animal, who were given to someone else to hunt with.

What's the correct version of this story, and what are these people's names?
satyr, drool you bastards, bosom

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Truly, it shouldn't surprise me that quite a number of Arthurian forums on LJ are for slash. It's the Internet, and besides, women in search of information about medieval shapeshifting assbabies shouldn't throw stones.

But... ARTHUR?

Slash? Arthur? Arthurian slash?

And I thought my innocence was lost when Selkiechick told me about hobbit slash.