April 18th, 2005

satyr, drool you bastards, bosom

Back to Jedi training... sort of

The warm weather is upon us, and I am faced with several workout options:

The mundane method
Load MP3 player with bright, poppy songs, drive to a safe and non-vertical neighborhood, go jogging.

The air-conditioned method
Buy air conditioner and reclining bike; hermetically seal room, cycle lots while watching horror movies on TV.

The SCAdian method
Charge about for several months collecting garb, tent, camping bag, wooden eating gear, period food, etc.; spend one to two weeks at hardcore spa from hell.

The boom-chaka-chaka method
Finally fulfill lifelong dream to learn belly dancing. Cross with the SCAdian method for extra burn.

The true geek method
Buy PS2, a pile of games, and a DDR pad; work way through the entire Final Fantasy series using DDR pad as controller.

At the moment, the air-conditioned method is winning. Opinions?