April 7th, 2005

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Car hell

On March 16th I took my car to a mechanic who sounded like he knew what he was talking about, and who agreed to do the job for $2500.

A few days later, he said he'd gotten the new engine in and looked it over, but it was no good, so he was going to send off for another one.

A week later, he had the new engine and had started work.

Then nothing.

I called every few days, then every couple of days, and now every day. IF the guy is in, he tells me that it'll be ready tomorrow. It has now been put off because his aunt is in the hospital with a kidney transplant, and there was a truck that they absolutely needed to get done right away, and the other guy who's working on it wants to put the engine in from the bottom instead of the top, which takes longer. On Monday, he told me that it was about done, but it needed testing, so it'd be ready on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he told me that the engine wasn't even in the car, but that the car would be done tomorrow. So this morning I called him up to arrange a pickup time.

"Call at around three and we'll talk about where the car is."

So I told him that I was a touch confused because on Monday he'd told me that the car was as good as done. We went back and forth, with many invocations of his sick aunt, as I pointed out that there were other mechanics at the shop who could do the work while he was visiting her in the hospital, that he'd had two weeks with a good engine to finish the work, and that the last time I needed an engine replaced, it was a two-day job.

"You've had engine replacement work done before?"


He made an unhappy little moan.

We went back and forth a couple more times, and finally he offered to take $500 off the price if he didn't have it done by Friday. I agreed.

That's the death knell for getting my car done at this place. He's just not going to do the work. I'm calling around to other places (near me, not him) to find someone else to do it, and on Monday I'm showing up with a tow truck and hauling it off. And I'm not paying him a thing.
satyr, drool you bastards, bosom


There's a school of thought that says that fiction in this world is just a refraction of real histories from other universes. Therefore, it's perfectly possible to be a reincarnation of Captain Harlock, or Neo, or Utena, and we have it on good authority from the former Arwen that Tolkien was Bilbo in a past life.

So does it work in reverse? If so, then somewhere out there is a book, or a manga, or a TV show about a 15-year-old archaeology whiz who makes a living copyediting ancient texts, and who fights off demons with the aid of her two cat-boy companions when she doesn't catch mistakes before the ritual. Whose one great weakness is canned coffee. And whose nemesis is really, really shaggable. She's got tons of fans and an international tchotchke empire. And dammit, I want royalties. If these people are getting pleasure from my trials and tribulations, then the least they can do is fix my car.