April 4th, 2005

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Eko Eko Abarak

Hollywood Express is a dream within a dream. For $10 a month, they'll let me borrow as many movies as I want--and unlike the local indie video store, which separates movies into "New Stuff That Came Out Within the Past Eight Years or So, Longer If We Really Need to Make Back What We Paid for It" and "Stuff from the Eighties," Hollywood Express has Crap, Egregious Crap, Horrifyingly Egregious Crap, Crap That Even We Can't Believe Ever Got Made, and Foreign Art Films.

Eko Eko Abarak is from the Foreign Art Film section, subsection Pop Crap that You Can Pass Off as Arty Because It's Japanese. It's got an ordinary plot--"New girl comes to school, she must be evil or is she really--O NOES! and then everyone gets eaten by a demon." It's got a take on Christian magic that's eerily accurate for a Japanese teen-pop movie. It establishes that even Satan himself doesn't want to be a high-schooler again. Collapse )