February 16th, 2005

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I'm feeling like the Hatter right now--too many good projects to do, no time to do any of them. Article-writing and blogging and webcomicking and about 50 pages to add to my own site and Japanese snacks to review and design pics to scan and a stack of books a foot and a half high to read and Sophie's story to write and oh yeah I had an idea for a smut novel too and I offered a vendor at Arisia web work in trade for Indian clothes and I offered the cat rescue people web work too and oh wait don't I have cats? and friends? and a pile of places to go?

And most of my clothes are falling apart and so are my teeth and my hair could use cutting and my shoes' soles are so worn that my feet are virtually turned on their sides, and the dishes haven't been washed in ages, and when's the last time I cooked? What in hell have I been doing? Oh right. WORKING.

So where did the other 8 hours of the waking day go?

...and wait I wanted to read Patrick's novel and wasn't this month NaNoEdMo? and there's a stack of videos waiting for me too and all those LJ addresses I collected at Arisia and there's STILL a backlog of 50 web pages to add but first I have to research them and speaking of research wasn't I doing a book on foxes? and studying Japanese? And speaking of things I'm supposedly into but haven't done in a while, when's the last time I exercised, or baked, or watched a new anime, or read some of my comics?

It's nice to know that last month's dry spell has ended. It would be even nicer to know where to get the time to do all these things in. Is there some magic well of time where wasted time goes, and certain people know where it is and how to draw the time out? Is there a secret to getting all eight hours of leisure, and all eight hours of sleep? Do I just need to take Ritalin? More coffee? What?