January 7th, 2005

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To do this weekend

This weekend, I plan to...

Watch Shrek 2 on DVD. Anyone want to come?

Reduce the number of mass starches in the house via intensive cooking. Company for this would be appreciated, too.

Haul a pile of Impulse and Flash comics up to Casa teddywolf in the interest of universal enlightenment.

Figure out wtf "Age of Apokalips" is and how to buy it.

Go to Coolidge Corner and environs to get more comics, stock up on Chinese groceries, and absorb funkadelic neo-retro coolness. Possibly hang out in a coffee shop reading Superboy in a pretentious manner. Company would be greatly appreciated, especially company that can do loud lit crit.

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If you're interested, leave a comment or give me a ring.
satyr, drool you bastards, bosom

The year in review

(First sentence of first post of each month.)

First, Jason M. Zorn, B.S., lost my resume. (He asked for another copy of my resume by replying to the email that had my resume attached.)

I was passing a hedge as I went to the library to return the tapes of Gormenghast and Moll Flanders when I noticed all these guys in black standing around behind it.

I just fell down the stairs.

I deny it. I deny all of it.

Here at Bugpod Books, we don't deal with authors.

Yesterday two out of the three cats threw up, the mechanic couldn't find the serious problem with my car but told me that another problem I didn't know I had was going to cost $350 to fix, and a job prospect emailed me back--to tell me that they weren't paying, but that working for them was a great way to get name exposure.

Moving Day is tomorrow!

"I'm a LiveJournal Luddite," Jon said, and went on to describe the problems he had seen caused by it.

Autumn! Autumn Autumn Autumn Autumn Autumn!

Every time I glance at Zenda and the Gazing Ball, I shudder.

I love disaster movies, the dumber the premise the better.

Have added the Young Justice and Impulse books to my Amazon wishlist.

...Busy year.