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From what I know of history poetry and song were originally the same thing, and I always delight at song lyrics which, as well as working musically, are poetic even away from their music. Read more...Collapse )

My grandfather has died.

The last picture with my grandfather, in the days after my wedding. He is on the far right of this photo.

My poor papou has died. He was maternal step-grandfather, but was a blood relation paternally; he was my father's uncle. Nick Vroutos was a great man. When he married my grandmother, he became father to her four young children, including my mother, which was an unusual thing to do back then, especially in the Greek immigrant community.

When I young, he was the maître d’hôtel at the legendary Elk Hotel Restaurant in Port Jefferson, working shifts day and night in a light blue suit jacket. The other waiters all wore yellow jackets. As a little nerd I always thought this should be reversed; the captain should wear yellow, as in Star Trek, and his underlings blue. After the decline of the Elks--half of it is now a Starbucks and half something else--he went on to operate a number of smaller places on Long Island and in Florida.

Papou was the ultimate cool customer, which was also unusual among my relatives. At least to me he always seemed easygoing, skillful with people of all sorts, always ready with a smile or a smirk. Handsome too. A photo of him as a young man hung on the wall of my grandmother's house. He looked just like Desi Arnaz. I even asked my yiayia once why she had a picture of "Ricky Ricardo" with the family pictures. When I was a kid, he quit smoking by using an ingenious method: he just wouldn't light his cigarettes. Lots of smokers complain of not knowing what to do with their hands when they try to quit, and they miss other little social practices associated with the filthy habit, but he found a way around it.

In recent years I saw him less. He was in FL, and selflessly stayed which my grandmother as she continues her decline into dementia. (Long-time readers may remember this story
--my grandmother was hiding at a neighbor's house a few doors down.) Today was their fifty-second wedding anniversary. He was healthy enough to occasionally scale the roof of his home and do repairs well into his 70s, though he did suffer from diabetes.

Last month, he had damaged his foot thanks to failing nerve endings, but was taken care of in the hospital. A few days later though, he was back, with pneumonia in one lung. He spent time in the ICU. We we're all worried, of course, but if we all rushed down there he might have thought he was dying. He needed dialysis to go with his pneumonia treatment as his kidneys were weak, but he was soon transferred to an ordinary hospital room. I decided that I would have to go to Florida this summer, so he could see my baby, photos of whom he enjoyed so much. Then he was released to start rehab, just yesterday. But last night he experienced a stomachache, his blood sugar changed, he passed out and then woke back up, and he was brought to the ER, where he did not recover. So he did not meet Oliver and I will not see my papou again in this world.

I want to read this book again

I read this book as a teenager. It was in the YA section of the library. I want to say it was between 1990 to 1994. Could have been earlier, like 1985 to 1990. The book was a bit older than that though, not brand new, but not a classic either. The plot was about a boy/young man who lived a second life in a whole different world/universe every time he fell asleep in one world/universe so he never got to sleep. This lack of sleep was ruining his life and making it difficult to function in both worlds. One world was modern and the other was medievalish i.e. not modern.

I also remember the cover of the novel. It was a picture of like a mountain - lake scene with a reflection. One side was modern with tall buildings and skyscrapers etc while the reflection was rural, old worldish.

It was such a good book, but I didn't understand it all due to being so young. Want to read it again and see if I can understand more.


Help me. I've been serching for months!!

I remember the main plot line. A new girl moves to town and befriends a shy girl. Soon she starts dating her new friend's popular brother. And they all go to a party and get drunk so they call their mom(shy girl's and her brother's mom) like she told them too. She doesn't punish them but she's disappointed. Later in the book they go to another party and get drunk once again. This time the girl(new girl) drives because shes the most sober and her boyfriend doesn't want his mom disappointed again. They hit a tree I think and the shy girl dies. So the new girl goes to jail and has the shy girl's brother's baby and he keeps her. Later they find out that the shy girl died before they hit the tree. Her heart stopped from overdose and the new girl goes to find her ex and her kid. She does but the shy girl's mom trys to keep her away and I think the boy lets her see her daughter but I'm not sure. I also think the shy girl's name might have been Mia or something like that but I'm really not sure. Please help I would really like to read it again.

Stupidity Fee

Well, I just paid one. TMI. how I spent my night at workCollapse )

In Seattle

...will friend more people when back home.


1) I didn't need a pap smear. Awesome.


Now this is in part because I went to the clinic that is income based (and I have no income), but still - FREE! My jaw dropped. Just fucking dropped. So I asked if I could make a small donation, which I did. Not much, just 20 dollars, but hopefully it will help someone else.


Also, free condoms! AWESOME! The old ones I have are getting pretty close to expiration. I don't plan on having sex anytime soon, but better safe than sorry. Also, it would just SUCK to find myself really, really wanting to bone someone and not having a condom on hand. My sex drive has been gone for so long, I'd hate to miss it if it happened to come a'knockin.

Dividing those guys up between my bedside, purse, and backpack. A few in my truck, too.

Yes, I still use condoms while on birth control. A) Lamictal is widely known for REDUCING the effectiveness of birth control and B) birth control doesn't prevent STD's.

Besides, been there/done that with unsafe sex and found out the hard way about the consequences of unprotected sex. Thank God for Planned Parenthood and my continued paranoia about needing a second abortion or run through of STD tests.

(Though come to think of it, probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get tested anyways. Just to be on the safe side.)

So I'll do that soon. That will awesome!

2) On the way home I stopped at this little Italian restaurant I've always wanted to try. David does like Italian food, but never wanted to try new places. Like, ever. So I stopped in and got some meat ravioli and something I've never had: Mushroom salad.

IT IS SO GOOD AND AWESOME. I love trying new foods and new restaurants.

Also they make their bread in-house, fresh everyday. SOOO DELICIOUS.

3) I think so far this might be in the top 3 most awesome things about being single. I can eat whatever the hell I want, no fuss, no muss, no arguments. David being so picky, this is like a release valve just got opened on one of the human's most enjoyable activities: EATING.

4) Now that I didn't have to spend all that money on the Depo, I can sink that money into another month's worth of phone and net bills.

5) So I'm home, full of awesome food, full of awesome (cheap as in free!) birth control, and getting ready to enjoy an awesome, awesome nap.


EDIT: You know what else is really fucking awesome?

HOW QUIET MY HOME IS NOW THAT THE FUCKING TV ISN'T ON 24/7.I love how quiet it is in here. JUST LOVE IT! It is awesome!

I read a book around 2012ish
It was about a boy who had different colored eyes and his mother told him it was because of an accident and he had to have surgery. But its actually because he is half human and half something with a C. (Chev I think? Or was that the main character's name?) He goes to an academy with other children with powers. I believe the main character had the ability to steal. I remember one girl who had the ability to disappear and reappear. Near the end these bad guys try to convince him to come to their side. They needed someone who was half human and half (C) to create power or something. The cover is of him on a dark day wearing a coat infront of a building.

recipe - lazy pepper steak

4 extra-thin steaks (came in 1 package)
garlic salt to taste
fresh ground black pepper to taste
cilantro to taste

season the steak on one side, cook for 1 minute on each side on high. (or ~90 seconds on a george foreman grill?)
Let cool a bit, roll so they're long, and slice into strips. Good for quesasillas and sandwiches, for which:

chop some of the strips together with cilantro ± onion if you like that and om nom nom.

makes 4 servings, ~70¢ per.


Professional Fanfic: Teasdale on Guenevere

While preparing for Poem In Your Pocket Day I found this poem by Sara Teasdale that, among other things, demonstrates the lovely process I see people doing all the time in writing fanfic. (Does this make sense? I'm writing it against a background of screaming.) Read more...Collapse )

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